Numba changed my thoughts on styling within minutes of meeting her. I felt relaxed and really enjoyed learning about what colours suited me.

~Karen K


Informative, light and good pace/ delivery.

~Maxine D


Great advice! Walking and dressing with confidence really has an impact on how you feel.

~ Aileen D


Great information and help in a fun way!

~ Ruby B


I really liked the light-hearted, confident and fun style of the session. Loved being up on our feet too.

~ Nicky




Charity Workshops


I run group style and confidence workshops for  charities throughout Scotland. A sense of confidence and comfort in what we are wearing can help even the most vulnerable people feel better about themselves and their lives. Having more knowledge on style, colour and how to develop confidence can encourage and motivate service users to look and feel better about themselves and give them extra confidence interacting with others. Plus the saving of time, money and stress in the process of shopping means one less pressure – helping to make their life a lot easier.


As there are many ways of delivering such services, they need not come at a huge cost to your charity. I can easily tailor my workshops to suit your charity. 


If you would like to organise a style day, workshop or event anywhere in Scotland involving fashion, colour, style, confidence or women empowerment please contact me to find out how I can be of value to your charity.