Stylish Woman

The 5 Day Challenge is a self-guided style challenge designed to have you looking and feeling amazing in only 5 days!

It is a fun way to shop your wardrobe and push yourself out of your comfort zone. It will also help you recognise what you really need in your wardrobe.

In the 5 Day Smart Casual Challenge Guide, you will find plenty of outfit inspirations (including footwear choices) to help you create stylish outfits.

I would recommend using the LOVE style formula & 3 of 6 Smart Casual Formula alongside the style inspirations to help create a balanced, stylish outfits.


Before you get started: Before you get started, ensure that you take a 'before' photo which is simply an outfit you would have worn before working with Numba.

Prepare your clothes the night before to allow yourself plenty of time to create a stylish outfit.

Take your photo first thing in the morning. On the day, put some make-up on, add some waves to your hair. Your overall image is just as important.

Post your photo in the facebook page (for SOP students) for feedback or send it directly to Numba on Watsapp- 07778740178 (For clients).


Day 1: Wear a pair of jeans

Day 2: Wear Tailored Trousers

Day 3: Wear a Skirt

Day 4: Wear a Dress

Day 5: Wear a jumpsuit or suit (any outfit of your choice if you don't have these items).

Finally, have fun with the challenge!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Your personal stylist,